Ata Jips - Gypsum Fertilizer

Gypsum (gypsum), which decreases soil lime and high PH value thanks to its calcium and sulfur content, is being used more widely in agriculture sector day by day.

What is gypsum fertilizer : Gypsum fertilizer used in agriculture is an important natural soil conditioner that increases the yield and quality of the soil , improves and eliminates the excess salty and calcareous state.

Ata Gypsum gypsum fertilizers, which are used in soil cultivation, which become inefficient and fatigue over time, are removed from excess salt and limescale .

The gypsum fertilizer, whose chemical composition is calcium sulphate, dissolves lime in high soils with a high percentage of lime, so that the fertilizers that are thrown away can be easily taken by the plants, so that a significant yield from fertilizer occurs. Agricultural gypsum also loosens the soil, making the soil more airy, thereby facilitating its version, and thus providing fuel savings . It significantly increases the plant's resistance to diseases and pests with its calcium and sulfur content.